Underrated cities worth visiting

Popular tourist cities and countries - while they are beautiful - now days always seem to be packed with so many people that it makes it hard to enjoy your surroundings. However, the world is such a big place and filled with so many beautiful and wondrous areas that will truly awake a passion in your soul for traveling. Below is a list of some of world's most beautiful places without the added crowd of tourists.

Dubrovnik - Croatia

Dubrovnik is a beautiful old town resting in southern Croatia. This stunning land looks over the gorgeous Adriatic Sea and it's breathtaking blue-green waters. Dating all the way back to the 13th century, it's an understatement to say that this town is chock-full of rich and fascinating history. If you're wondering why it looks familiar, you might be interested to know that Dubrovnik was a significant shooting location for the TV show Game of Thrones; depicting the great King's Landing and various other notable locations from the show. There is a decent amount of ground to cover with countless photos to be taken of both architecture, nature, and gorgeous seascapes. While wandering, you might find yourself climbing the Minceta Tower to view the Old Town from above and capture it's transcending beauty. You nay want to take a tour of the medieval walls that have been standing for countless generations, or take a cable car to get an aerial view over Dubrovnik.

San Miguel de Allende - Mexico

San Miguel de Allende is a small town located about 150 miles north of Mexico City and is praised for its quaint cobblestone streets, welcoming locals running artisan shops, and deliciously organic restaurants. The vast array of beautiful baroque Spanish architecture meets your eyes nearly everywhere you look and is only out shined by the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel church whose dramatic pink towers lay in the heart of the town. San Miguel de Allende is the perfect place to soak up some sun while enjoying the local cultural festivals and the thriving art scene. Recent investors have also started focusing on expanding the winery farm businesses in order to bring in the highest quality wines to their town and outer lying cities. It's no exaggeration to say that San Miguel de Allende is an excellent destination worth visiting for anyone.

Québec City, Canada

The only walled city in North America north of Mexico, Quebec City is definitely a trip worth putting on your bucket list. This impressive historic district will inspire you with it's beautiful religious and aged architecture, speaking of romance, tradition, and history. All year round there are various festivals taking place but none that compare to the Carnaval de Quebec. This festival is the oldest and most well known winter festival in all of Quebec and will be sure to leave you feeling the magic woven through the cobblestone streets for many years to come. Take some time to walk through the fairytale-like neighborhood and visit the charming shops and restaurants on your way.

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