Idyllic castles you have to see at least once

Many of us grew up watching the fairy-like television shows that had castles with turrets that pierced the clouds and forests with mist that surrounded the grounds and shrouded the castle in mystery. We may not be children anymore but that magic is certainly not lost. To witness the breathtaking sight of the castles that inspired those beloved fairy tales is not one you would be likely to forget. While there are hundreds of gorgeous castles to choose from, below is a list of a several to inspire your wanderlust.

Neuschwanstein Castle - Germany


Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most romantic and famous attractions in all of Germany. Built over seventeen years (1869-1886) under the shy King Ludwig II, this palace is known for inspiring two Disney castles! It has been recorded that Walt Disney traveled with his wife to Europe and stopped by Neuschwanstein and thus brought the inspiration of the castle to the big screen. Fourteen rooms inside the castle are fully furnished and on display to the public, including: the king's bedroom, the Singer's Hall, and the cave-like grotto. The king's bedroom is filled with stunning carpentry and it is said that over a dozen carpenters spent four years working on the woodwork! Another benefit to visiting here is that it only costs 12 euros (13 USD or 17 CAD) for adults and it's free for anyone under the age of eighteen! While no photography is allowed inside the castle itself, to snap the iconic photo of the castle from the outside you're going to want to travel to Marienbrücke, or Marien Bridge, where you can see Neuschwanstein Castle in all it's glory.


Dunrobin Castle - Scotland


Set in the beautiful Scottish Highlands and resting on a prominent bluff, Dunrobin castle is a beautiful work of art that any traveler would be lucky to see. You will have the freedom to meander unattended around the castle through twenty or so rooms that are available and gain insight into the world of the inhabitants who lived here for so many years. After your self-guided tour it is highly suggested you descend into the vast and lush gardens located at the rear of the castle. Boasting beautiful trails, a stunning view of the sea, and even a Falconry, Dunrobin's gardens will surely not disappoint. From the outside you will be able to truly appreciate the architecture dating all the way back to the 1300s and you may also notice the towering conical spires and their resemblance of a French chateâu.


Hohenzollern Castle - Germany


Though Hohenzollern Castle seems to dates back all the way to 1267, it was tragically destroyed in 1423. It was then rebuilt but after years of neglect it slowly fell into ruin in the early 19th century. In 1850 Crown Prince Frederick William of Prussia chose to have the Castle reconstructed and filled with valuable works of art. Since then, the castle has suffered from several earthquakes in the late 1900's but since then has been preserved and renovated and presents itself in a well maintained and sound structural condition. On your tour you will be able to see the vast art collection in this castle including a significant picture gallery, beautiful china and precious silver, as well as the Prussian King's Crown! With events like the 'Shooting Star nights', "Falconer weekends', 'Shakespeare in the courtyard", and 'Hohenzollern Mountain Race', there are events all throughout the year that bring even more value to visiting this gorgeous destination!


These gorgeous castles are available for visitation all year round (check official websites for holiday closures) and each season brings a unique and beautiful perspective to the grounds and architecture. If you are longing to see these stunning works of art in person, please contact us at Fly Largent in order to get you started on your flight there!

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