Best places to spend New Years Eve 2019

New Years Eve is closely approaching and many of us have yet to create concrete plans to send our year out with a bang! We are celebrating the end of a decade and staying at home just won't do! Listed below are some of the most exciting places to spend New Years this year, and before you say it's too late to go, that's exactly why we're here! Fly Largent is ready and waiting to have a flight waiting for you as soon as possible, so don't let that stand in your way of spending the last night of the decade somewhere amazing!

New York - New York

New York City has been at the top of almost everyone's list for years and that is no mistake. There are of course an abundance of places counting down to the last second of the year, but no one does it as big and as exciting as the Big Apple! The rush you feel standing in the massive crowd as you all count down in unison and the explosion when the clock reaches zero is a rush that can't be replicated. With music, pyrotechnics, confetti, and a huge ball that drops as the clock hits twelve, New York is renowned for its over the top celebration. Some of the confetti raining down is even inscribed with wishes from individuals around the world for the new year! You can even submit your own wish by going to the Times Square Alliance's Online Wishing Wall!

Orlando - Florida

Another wonderful place to spend your New Years Eve celebration is in Orlando, Florida. Unlike New York, you won't have to bundle up against the cold here. You can dress up if you'd like or go a little more casual for comfort! Enjoy fun for all ages at Universal Studios Florida and experience the enjoyable live music whilst being surrounded by your favorite characters and intriguing pyrotechnic displays! Perfect for families, couples, and children alike! If you're looking for some time away from the kids, head down to Universal's City Walk and have your eyes and taste buds feast upon the unlimited amounts of delectable cuisine and special cocktails! Dance the night away on Orlando's biggest dance floor with a live DJ followed by an exhilarating fireworks display! 

Los Angeles - California

LA has always been known for doing everything and anything in style and with a bang. It would be difficult to pin down one exact location to spend NYE because on almost every corner a new and exciting party is flourishing. From watching the countdown being projected onto City Hall with live music, Instagram worthy photo spots, and food trucks, to the celebration at The Music Center Plaza
with their massive music and dance party, there are so many events to choose from!

Are you inspired? We'd love to help you get to where you truly want to be spending New Year's Eve this year and are standing by to help you achieve your goal! Contact us today for a free quote and information on how we can get you a flight as soon as possible!

No matter where you're spending New Years this year, we at Fly Largent hope you have an amazing and memorable night and that this next year is your best one yet!

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