Best hiking trails and parks in the USA

While hitting all the popular and trending restaurants and museums are of course enjoyable, sometimes we forget about the magnificent and awe-inspiring sights we can see all around us in mother nature. The kind of sights you only see in Instagram or popular travel blogs just don't do them justice compared to seeing them in real life. If this sounds like your cup of tea, read below to find a list of some of the best hiking trails in the USA!

 Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming


Yellowstone National Park is the first national park ever created and is bigger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined! People from all over the world come to visit the infamous Old Faithful geyser and you will never be disappointed by missing it because it erupts every 90 minutes! This isn't the only reason for travelers to stop by though, for this national park boasts over 100 hiking trails and nearly 300 waterfalls! With over a thousand miles of back country hiking trails and hundreds of campsites, you can surely reconnect with nature and revitalize yourself. Needless to say, this National Park is a must see for all nature lovers!


Cracker Lake - Montana


These pictures alone speak for themselves. From the contrasting deep green hillside to the stunning aqua-blue water, the jutting cliffs to the basin-like valley, this Montana gem is one of the best sights this state (if not country) has to offer. Though the road to get there might be a bit tiring, the payoff is more than enough to qualify this as a path well worth traveling. The trail to get there is 12.6 miles and is best enjoyed as an overnight adventure but is very possible to nail out in a single day for the more experienced hikers. Experience everything from  crossing bubbling brooks, fairy-like woods, and out into the final destination of the lake itself.


North Vista Trail, Black Canyon - Colorado

Unlike the Grand Canyon where the magnitude makes it difficult to comprehend the scale, Black Canyon makes you truly appreciate and wonder at the sheer immensity before you. It is truly magnificent how a thin source of water can carve its way through this massive mountain and create panoramic and Instagram worthy views of a vertical arcadia. The most noteworthy part of this trail is the Exclamation Point, true to it's name it is the best vantage point to really soak in the sight of the canyon. The majority of the world's most beautiful trails require a high skill level when it comes to hiking, but thankfully North Vista Trail is not one of them. Even the most inexperienced hikers can come and enjoy walking the path and marvel at it's wonders.


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