The Caribbean is nearly back to full strength after 2017’s hurricanes

2017 proved to be a year of devastation for the Caribbean because of "Hurricane Irma" and Hurricane Maria. These hurricanes caused mass destruction across numerous islands and this included major tourist destinations. Puerto Rico remained powerless for almost a year after Hurricane Maria but it wasn’t the only island without power. Numerous other Caribbean islands had to face power outages and complete shutdowns of their communication systems. The British Virgin Islands and Rodney Skelton are two places that were hit severely by the storms.

The impact on tourism

The Caribbean boasts of a number of picturesque spots that are popular with tourists across the globe. Many people turn to this region for their vacations to spend some leisure time with their loved ones. However, due to hurricanes, there was virtually no tourism left in this region due to widespread hurricane damage. The Caribbean lost almost $900 million in revenue in tourist revenue in 2017. However, the good news for tourists is that the Caribbean is nearly back to full strength after the destruction caused by the hurricanes.

There are only 6 destinations, out of 32, in the Caribbean that are still on the road to recovery while others are now standing tall with their full glory. Almost 90% of hotels and resorts that suffered damages are now opened for guests again. So, if you are planning for your next vacation, you know where you need to book your tickets for – it’s the Caribbean.
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