Why flying private with Largent is ideal

There is simply no better way to travel to New York than chartering a private jet. Whether you are planning a family vacation or going for a business trip to New York, a private jet charter can prove to be an ideal method to reach your next destination.

Whether you are looking for a New York private jet charter or a private flight to Los Angeles, you can always count on Largent for the following:

Unrivaled Luxury

Without any doubt, a private jet charter offers a luxurious journey. Unlike boarding a regular plane where people are confined to one seat for the whole of the journey, you will have the whole aircraft to yourself on a private jet. You can relax, stretch your legs, walk around the charter or prepare for the meeting you are going to attend in the jet charter without any worry.

No baggage limitations

Gone are the days when you were able to bring two checked bags and a carry on for free on a commercial flight. Most airlines only allow you take your carry-on bag for free and charge extra for everything else. At Largent, there are no extra fees to worry about when it comes to baggage. As long as your baggage doesn’t exceed the cargo capacity of the aircraft, you can bring it.

Flexibility and convenience

The flexibility and convenience that chartering a private flight provides cannot be matched:
  • There are no luggage checking formalities and long security lines
  • There are no waiting lines, additional transfers etc. as in the case of a commercial flight journey
  • The jet is ready to fly whenever the passenger requires it to be. You can set your own schedule and dictate departure time, day, and location as per your convenience.
  • Multiple stops can be made during the journey as per your requirements.

Varied Entertainment

When it comes to private jet charters, there are numerous in-flight entertainment options. There are an array of movies and games to choose fro. Furthermore, you can also use your laptop for the same purpose. There will be no issue of limited battery issues as there are charging sockets on the charter.

Comfortable Accomodations

A private jet has a lot of space; thus, it can accommodate a number of people and their luggage. The amount of space generally depends on the type of charter jet.

A Stress-free Trip

Lastly, a journey on a private jet charter comes without any hassles and stress. In the case of a commercial flight, you have to reach the airport a few hours early before the flight boards and there are numerous other formalities, which the passenger needs to follow. There is no such issue if you are using a private jet charter.

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